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Edible Cookie Dough

Made with heat-treated flour and no eggs…you can scoop and eat it straight from the jar! Jars stay good for up to three weeks in the refrigerator. But we bet it won’t last that long.

We currently have five flavors to choose from: Chocolate Chip, Funfetti, Cookies and Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, and Animal Cookie. 8 oz jars are $6, 16 oz jars are $11.

Click the link below to order a single jar, or email us for larger orders.


Edible Cookie Dough Bar

Yes, you read that right. A cookie dough bar! We will deliver cups of pre-portioned edible cookie dough, toppings and utensils to your party location and set it up. Then you and 25 of your closest friends, family or coworkers can enjoy edible cookie dough their way by mixing and matching toppings. It’s like an ice cream social, but better. (Delivery within Portland Metro area only. Other cities for an additional fee. Staffing available for $25/hour)