Pivot...and Pivot again

It seems like every day, heck, every hour, we are being thrown new information. What we are allowed to do, what we aren't allowed to do, school may be coming back, school is now online.... its a lot for anyone to process. And its a huge amount for someone who owns a business to process.

We've been busy working, formulating a new business model to adapt to these changes and keep our business afloat until gatherings are once again allowed, and we can reopen the storefront. There are a lot of hurdles we are trying to overcome, but we are still optimistic we can do it.

So, what are we doing?

First and foremost, we need to make sure we are adhering to social distancing guidelines. That means that when we do open for pickups, or we deliver to your home, we are doing a contactless delivery. This will insure the safety of our staff and your family-while still allowing you to get sweets.

Second, we will be hosting biweekly Sweets Sales! These sales echo back to the beginning of our business, when we didn't have a storefront. We will source supplies at the beginning of the week, then post a variety of sweets available for purchase. Please note the day these will be available (in bold in text copy). Sweets will be pickup or delivery as indicated. You can find these sweets under our new section Quarantine Sweets.
Sweets Sales will be announced via social media, so make sure you are following us on Facebook and Instagram. Quantities will be limited, as will the menu, because we are using the supplies we've already sourced. (Just like you, we are having a hard time finding things!)

Third, we've reopened our ability to take custom cakes. But we have limited the size of the cakes to household size (6", feeds 10-12) so we can still adhere to the gathering ban. You can still celebrate and have a beautiful cake, just don't invite people over to do so! Once the gathering ban has been lifted, we will begin accepting orders for larger cakes.

And fourth, we know many people are missing celebrations, whether it be birthdays, graduations or other important milestones. We are currently working on some cookie sets that can ship quickly through our online shop, so you loved one, or child knows you are thinking of them on their special day.

We hope these measures will allow us to ride out this pandemic and be back with a bang!

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