Storefront update

Leaving behind something you’ve spent over a decade working towards is not a decision that comes lightly. After exhaustively exploring ways to save the shop, I’ve made the decision to let this storefront go. Maybe one day I’ll go into further detail, but please know that right now my heart is breaking. I know this is the right decision, but it will take time to heal.

To my staff: I may have created this business, but you all gave it life. It would not have grown to where it was without you. Thank you for trusting me to guide you, never being afraid to call me out when I said crazy things, and never being afraid to try what we thought was impossible while our business grew.

To our customers: Thank you to all our customers for supporting us during our journey. We are forever grateful you allowed us to be a part of your celebrations for the last 5 years. Many of you are like family to us, and we will miss seeing you.

We are currently cleaning up the shop, and if we have equipment for sale we will post it soon. Refunds are being processed-please know that this takes time, and once we start the process it’s out of our hands. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.

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