Temporary Closure

Every time I sit down to write this, I pause, come back and the news has changed. The last week-really the last 48 hours- has been filled with every emotion possible.

I’m watching friends close up shop, hoping they get to reopen soon.

I’ve watched families struggle to find childcare, and worse, try to figure out how to get food or pay rent.

I’ve watched our overly full calendar of people’s celebrations, dwindle down to nothing.

But I also understand this is a time when people need to act together. I’ve talked to my staff, looked at our finances, and I’ve decided we will be open through Friday to get rid of perishables we have in hand, and provide you with a little pick me up. Following that, I will hold down the fort, filling orders that haven’t been cancelled, and anything this comes in through the website. (I’ll be contacting booked orders to ask for delivery information.)

We hope to reopen our retail walk-in counter in four weeks, if it’s safe.

To all our customers who have postponed events: don’t worry, we will be back for them! This is not goodbye.

Please order online this week to support us through this difficult time. Sweets boxes and cookies can be picked up next day-just make a note on your order (the box under the date picker). Signature cakes please allow 24-48 hours. Gift cards for future use can be purchased by emailing us. We will send over a Square invoice then snail mail you the physical card when our restock of cards arrives.

And please support other local small business. They are hurting very much right now, and some may not be able to bounce back. With your support, we will be back to making beautiful things soon.


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