Updates 3/28

I'm fielding a lot of the same questions, so I thought I would pop on and try to clarify. (really guys, I'm trying to make this easy but I realize things are so confusing right now, and there is complete information overload)

So, are we closed? YES! We are not technically considered a restaurant, but rather a specialty cake shop, so the best decision for us under the mandate was to close to help flatten the curve by closing our walk-in sales and custom orders for at least three weeks. Closing our storefront was a difficult decision for us, but it was the right decision with so many party cancellations.

HOWEVER, we, like many other businesses are adjusting on a daily basis. And the truth is, we can’t survive this crisis without our Easter sales, which is one of our biggest holidays. So this is why you will see we have left Easter preorders up on our website. Pickups are for 4/10 and 4/11 only.

We will not be having walk-in sales either day. All product must be preordered. (Don’t worry, we are working on a sweets box to fill those cravings.)

Everyone who preorders will receive an email that will have specific instructions on how we will manage pickups while still maintaining social distancing. It will most likely include a pickup timeframe as well as you calling us for curbside service during your selected time slot. If you find you will not be able to pickup as we get closer to Easter weekend, we will work with you to arrange deliveries of your orders.

Again: All easter must be preordered! Here is the order link:

Ok, I think hopefully that clears everything up. Like everyone else, we are doing our best to adjust as we get new information, and to keep our business alive during this prolonged closure. Always feel free to send us an email or comment here to ask for clarification.

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